Political Participation & Health Equity: Leveraging Medicaid to Advance Civic Engagement and Enfranchisement

May 14 webinar card with speakers

Through state waivers and national demonstration projects, Medicaid is increasingly becoming a mechanism to address social needs and advance health equity. Yet one critical and powerful component of health equity is often going unnoticed by innovators: civic engagement. When communities have access to participation and enfranchisement, they can influence the structures and conditions that shape their health. And we know inequities in political enfranchisement and inequities in health are interrelated. As such, civic engagement is a social determinant of health equity.

In this webinar, expert panelists highlighted examples of how innovative healthcare providers and plans are leveraging Medicaid to make civic engagement a part of their health equity portfolio. Watch to learn how to make the case for investing in voting and civic participation as part of a broader health equity strategy, and gain insight into how these new efforts could develop and expand in the future.


  • Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH, CEO, HealthBegins, (host)
  • Manisha Sharma, MD, FAAFP, Co-Founder Civic Health Alliance
  • Douglas Hess, Ph.D., Director of Research, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Lizette Escobedo, Vice President of Government Relations, AltaMed Health Services


Webinar Objectives:

By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain how civic engagement and political enfranchisement is a significant determinant of health equity, particularly for Medicaid beneficiaries
  • Make the case for health care’s role in facilitating civic engagement and enfranchisement
  • Identify mechanisms and opportunities within Medicaid that can be used to support civic engagement and enfranchisement among patient populations.
  • Apply strategies and innovations that are already in use through Medicaid to support civic engagement and enfranchisement among patient populations.


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