A Snapshot of California’s CHW/P/R Workforce: Survey Findings and Analysis

HealthBegins October 3 Webinar (Twitter)


The Community Health Worker, Promotora, and Community Health Representative (CHW/P/R) workforce are critical to delivering effective, equitable care for patients and for advancing health equity for communities harmed by societal practices. To recognize the CHW/P/R workforce’s impact, there is a need to understand what they do, where they serve, and how they’re supported.

In July 2022, the California Department of Health Care Services launched the CHW Medi-Cal Services Benefit. To prepare for benefit operationalization, Health Net, one of the state’s largest Medi-Cal managed care plans in California, partnered with HealthBegins in 2023 to design and launch a statewide CHW/P/R employer survey to increase Health Net’s understanding of the CHW/P/R workforce in California. Several channel partners, including CPCA, CPEHN and others, helped disseminate this survey across the state.

Watch this one-hour webinar to learn from HealthBegins, Health Net, and key healthcare partners about the California CHW/P/R employer survey findings, themes, implications, and best practices for CHW/P/R workforce sustainability.


  • Alejandra Cabrera, MPH, Senior Program Manager, HealthBegins (host)
  • Pooja Mittal, DO, Chief Health Equity Officer, Health Net
  • Joe Lee, MSHA, Founder and Principal Consultant, Community Health Synergy
  • Araceli Valencia, Health Professions Education Program Coordinator, California Primary Care Association
  • Kitty Bailey, MSW, Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Wellness Collaborative


Webinar Objectives:

By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand and describe key findings from the California CHW/P/R Employer Survey, including barriers and opportunities for CHW/P/R employers to pursue and operationalize California’s care transformation initiatives, including the CHW Medi-Cal Services Benefit.
  • Identify strategies to strengthen and advance CHW/P/R workforce sustainability.
  • Access information, resources, and stakeholder engagement opportunities to advocate for the CHW/P/R workforce.


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