Medi-Cal - Community Based Organizations (CBO) Partnership Development Network Information Session

With support from the California Health Care Foundation, HealthBegins and Aurrera Health Group are launching the first phase of a Medi-Cal Community Based Organizations (CBO) Partnership Development Network, which will provide two state-wide, two regional and two county-specific technical assistance sessions to support partnerships between CBOs and Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans in order to increase access to Community Supports in our communities. Join this informational session to learn more about this project and how your CBO could be involved.


By the end of the session, attendees will be able to :


1) Describe the goals for the CalAIM Medi-Cal CBO Partnership Network
2) Describe the types of CalAIM Community Support (ILOS) services that CBOs may be able to provide in partnership with MCPs,
3) List at least two core capabilities that CBOs will need to to partner with Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MCPs)
4) Identify opportunities to build CBO capacity to partner with MCPs over the next two months


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