Healthcare Partnerships: Considering ROI within the context of Value of Investment

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More and more healthcare and community partners are working together to advance equity and address social needs. To be successful and sustainable, these cross-sector partnerships need to be designed with reliable cost-benefit projections and a clear view of each partner’s investments and needs. Yet these essential parameters can be challenging for partner organizations to predict.

With the support of the Commonwealth Fund and The SCAN Foundation, HealthBegins has created a new Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator with a reduced barrier to entry that allows organizations to calculate ROI based on national averages and benchmarks. Watch this one-hour webinar to learn how to use the new tool and how to leverage its results to develop sustainable cross-sector partnerships.

While calculating ROI is an important tool to leverage as an organization pursuing partnerships, it does not capture value beyond financial returns. Webinar participants learned about the limitations of ROI and why we should be shifting the conversation towards value of investment (VOI) in order to expand the scope of what is considered “valuable” and worthy of investment. And participants saw how to use the new ROI Quick Calculator as an entry point to engaging with and implementing a VOI framework.


  • Eva Batalla-Mann, MPH, MSW, Program Manager, HealthBegins
  • Alicia Rivera RN/BSN, MBA, CCM, Former Regional Associate Director UnitedHealth Group/UnitedHealthcare & Optum
  • Lynn Todman, PhD, Vice President of Health Equity and Community Partnerships, Corewell Health
  • Corey Smith, PhD, Director of Health Equity Evaluation, Corewell Health


Webinar Objectives:

By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand what the ROI Calculator is and be able to identify ways to utilize the results.
  • Understand the relationship between ROI and VOI and how a VOI framework provides a holistic paradigm for sustainable cross-sector partnerships.
  • Identify opportunities to learn more about the ROI Calculator and the upcoming VOI Accelerator program.


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