July 2022: An Opportunity to Refresh

Dear friends,


As we continue through the long summer days, we are taking an opportunity to practice what we preach about the importance of self-care and taking our foot off the pedal. With that in mind, we are taking a break from publishing a full newsletter greeting this month, but we will still be sharing important upstream news and activities, including some company news we are very excited about. Our regular newsletter greeting will be back in August, ready with fresh insights and motivation to help you move upstream.


Until then, we hope you also get a chance to take a break, reflect, spend some time with your loved ones, and practice self-care.



With gratitude,

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Sadena Thevarajah, JD                Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH.

Featured content

Staff Spotlight: Ellen Lawton, Pioneer of Medical-Legal Partnership

“There should be a lawyer, a legal aid lawyer, in every single clinic in the country. You don’t have to call them a legal aid lawyer. You can call them a problem solver.”

Staff Spotlight: Sara Bader, From Urban Planning to Health Equity

“I would encourage people that if they feel driven to the work of reducing inequities that there is a role for them in this work.”

Staff Spotlight: Taleen Yepremian, Determined to End Inequities in Health Care Access

“It was heartbreaking to see kids that can't see a doctor or can't see psychologists or any type of provider they need because they don't have the insurance, they don't have the access to care.”