Charting a Course for Upstream Community Health Investments

Population health is increasingly a core part of the mission of hospitals and clinics, as medicine moves toward value-based care. Investing in the communities that surround these hospitals and clinics can be a key part of improving population health — yet setting up the smart priorities and strong partnerships that mission requires is still a complex challenge.


In this webinar, HealthBegins Founder Dr. Rishi Manchanda clarifies the pathway toward powerful community health investments. Dr. Manchanda explains how to set strategic social-determinants targets using a simple tool called the Upstream Strategy Compass — while balancing the many priorities of community partners and public and private hospitals alike.


Plus, guest presenters from the Hospital Association of Southern California, President/CEO George Greene and Senior Vice President/COO Mark Gamble, showcase their approach to effective community health investment.


The net result of this strategic approach is to deploy investments effectively and deliver community benefits with more impact than ever before.


This is part one in a series of HealthBegins webinars on optimizing hospital community benefit and population health initiatives.


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